PC Clean means,- Pasabot
1.) CCleaner  - Ma download rani sa Filehippo.com.
2.) Virus Scan - Scan kung naay virus imong pc.
3.) Remove all browsers then re-install - Kuhaa tanan browser unya install balik
4.) Remove IPR and re-install. - Kuhaa ang IPR unya install balik.
5.) Restart your PC. Turn it off then turn it back on - Palonga ang imong PC unya i-on ug balik.

Buhata ni kada Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Work Hours:

1st  Shift:  (Philippine Time) 9pm to 7am
2nd Shift:  (Philippine Time)  8am to 6pm

Work days are 6 days per week. Monday to Friday is mandatory. You are required to work one weekend day. Either Saturday or Sunday, the choice is yours.

What is PC Clean & Work Hours? | Rules

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