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Here are the rules:
1.) It is mandatory that you do PC Clean every Monday, Wednesday and Friday before you start working. PC Clean requires you to un-install and re-install your browser, IPR and do CCclean. Your Browser and IPR must be completely off your computer, restart your computer then install your Browser and IPR again. Once installed, then do CCclean.

2.) If your AIM screen name is not showing up on our buddy list, you will be marked as absent. We need to be able to contact you by finding you on our buddy list during working hours. Work hours are:

1st   Shift:  (Philippine Time) 9pm to 7am
2nd Shift:  (Philippine Time)  8am to 6pm

Please also leave your style and your job on your AIM status at all times like this:
(Example) "1/1 Style on YellowPages.com/Cars"

3.) Sometimes on AIM, your screen name will disappear. You will not know that your screen name is not showing up on our buddy list until somebody tells you. In order to for this not to happen, please click on the symbol on your AIM that looks like an eye. Click it so it closes then click it again for it to open. This will solve the problem. Please do this 1 or 2 times per hour.

4.) Please check your emails many times per day. I often send emails giving you instructions and updates. Its important that everyone receives up to date information. If too many people use the wrong style, the numbers will be off and this will cause a shut down.

5.) In the future if you have salary concerns, please email  Accountant@YPTJobs.com. If you still have salary concerns after talking to Accounting, then you can contact management directly at President@YPTJobs.com. When you contact management, please paste the conversation you had with accounting so i can read it and understand better what your situation is.

6.) If you are absent too much and leave work late too much or come to work late too much, you are not just damaging your own salary, you are damaging everyone else's job as well because this makes our numbers become off balance. This will force me to shut down your job and fire many people.

7.) Many employees ask why their salary goes lower or why some people get lower and some other people get higher. Some employees have faster PC's and faster Internet so they can produce more clicks. Other employees have slower PC's and slower Internet so they produce much less clicks. Those employees that produce more clicks get paid more and those employees that produce less clicks get paid less. Also, if you are absent too much or get low numbers too much this will effect your salary.

8.) When you contact YPT, you must give us your full name and your assigned link. You must only contact YPT from your assigned YPT email address. If you do not give us your full information, you will not receive a response.

9.) If you need help with your job, if you have questions about how to do your job or just need technical support, please email: Support@YPTJobs.com
If you have general questions about about jobs please contact: Jobs@YPTJobs.com

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